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Accelerating food system transitions 

We believe that for all people and the planet to prosper, food systems must change.
Step by step, we can (re)design systems for multiple value creation and make them economically viable, ecologically sound, and socially fair.

More and more leaders consider organisational transformations necessary and seek opportunities for multiple value creation to make their organisations economically viable, ecologically sound, and socially fair. 
This personal and professional leadership leverages shared values and a long-term vision. It also challenges and empowers the workforce and stakeholders to transcend paradigms and join the search for alternative approaches.
Done well, organisations and their leaders embrace change to lead by example and speed up food system transitions. This is challenging, but we aim to connect professionals and organisations who can help and who dare to develop and prioritise long-term goals above their own interests.
Acting in this way, they will ensure essential support while building the foundations and momentum to advance. They can be the leaders who enable themselves and others to adapt and thrive while shifting towards more sustainable and healthy food systems. 


How we work

From boardrooms to farmers, we work with clients to help them to find and engage the right people, achieve multiple value creation, and become leaders in the food system transition. 

We do this using systems thinking and a hybrid approach (top-down and bottom-up) because food systems are complex, and people who define their future are found from fields to board rooms. 

With their ideas, insights and examples, we help citizens, professionals and organisations to anticipate and benefit from inevitable change and the transition towards healthy and sustainable food systems.

What we do

We work with frontrunners, key players and trendsetters in and around the Agri & Food sector who embrace sustainability as a condition for future-proof entrepreneurship.

With Impact Recruitment, Executive Search and Interim Solutions, we find, connect and support professionals and organisations on their journey in the transition to multiple value creation, both externally and internally.


Who we are

Our organisation unites people interested in challenging and empowering themselves and others to embrace, lead, and accelerate food system change. Recognising that today's problems cannot be solved with the thinking that created them, we continuously (un/re)learn to find better approaches and solutions. Diversity, dialogue, and practical experience help us see, think, and act with little constraint by conventional boundaries. It enables positive change instead of doing more of the same.

'Think global, act local.'

Ajaan Hijmans

I have been involved in the Agri & Food sector my entire professional life. After gaining experience in the seed business and fruit- & vegetable-processing industry, I worked in livestock farming in Eastern Europe and France. Then, I co-founded an international recruitment agency in Food & Agri. Since 2000, I have connected professionals and organisations using my domain knowledge and experience with HR-related issues.       

Besides my work, I have been a member of the Supervisory Board at Rabobank Het Drentse Land. To help develop context-specific agriculture and food-related policy, I am politically involved at a local, regional and national level. 

My view on agriculture shifted during a study trip to Brazil in 2019. I met Franke Dijkstra, a pioneer who developed direct seeding to combat erosion. He triggered my curiosity about direct seeding, which led me to learn about agriculture based on Regenerative, Agroecological, and Nature-driven principles. As context and practical insight seemed crucial, I invested in machinery and started producing, processing, and selling crops. It enabled me and others to test the potential of these alternative approaches.  

I believe organisations can leverage new ways of thinking and working to develop business models for multiple value creation. Those who succeed can thrive and lead by example. They can play a vital role in solving economic, ecological and social problems, but finding the right people and talent is challenging.

So, I leverage my expansive (inter)national network and experience as a primary producer, connector, and initiator to find, connect, challenge, and empower professionals and organisations. Together, we can achieve their potential.  

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Joris Hijmans

As a Master's student focused on food system transitions, communication, and responsible innovation, I have studied and worked on diverse but complementary topics and projects - ranging from science, intercultural, and corporate communication to the analysis and design of farming systems and food forests. 

Due to this diversity, a BBA in International Agribusiness & Trade, and experience studying and working abroad (France and Burkina Faso), I appreciate working in an interdisciplinary and multicultural context that leverages systems thinking to understand the bigger picture while remaining responsive to contextual nuances, believing this enables locally rooted and globally connected solutions and positive change at scale.  

I'm interested in challenging and empowering myself and others to explore, connect, and advance solutions that accelerate transitions towards healthy and sustainable (food) systems. Being involved in producing, processing, and selling crops is a practical step in doing so. 

You are welcome to reach out to me about opportunities for collaboration.

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